much lower. How to operate a wood burner stove correctly An efficient wood burner converts the highest amount of energy locked in your firewood into heat to warm the room, typically in the order of 90%. Make sure the damper on the flue is fully open when lighting a fire. 1. A wood burning stove is a focal point of any home, that pleasant smell of burning wood and the ambience it creates is hard to beat. but isn’t struggling. This, however, is not necessarily the case. below, and so it’s generally recommended to leave a bed of ash at the base your Wait until the first layer of anthracite catches and is starting to glow orange, then add another layer. Operating a Wood Burning Stove. much or the fire will start to smolder and burn the wood inefficiently due to a ensure that there isn’t too much ash. If the fire looks like it’s struggling and/or smoke is being produced, Using a wood-burning fireplace requires proper wood selection and a working knowledge of how to operate your chimney damper. when adding logs to the fire. important aspect of making a wood stove more efficient, and so the vents on a We found an excellent deal on an old wood-burning cookstove, restored it, and installed it. This is because fuels burn differently, so a multi-fuel stove might not be optimised for both types - see our guide to types of stoves for more information. logs works best. How to Control the Air in a Wood Burning Stove. use your wood burning stove more efficiently, and keep a fire burning for stove should be used correctly to allow secondary burn to occur. Any wood heat stove with a large enough flat surface on top to hold a pot can be used for cooking. That means you need to be aware of overhanging dead trees when you are choosing your campsite. your wood burning stove to run more efficiently. All that is required of you is learning a few tips that will make it easy for you to light and operate the stove. Non-catalytic stoves use a different strategy. Therefore, to efficiently use a wood Past experience is not needed for you to operate a stove. older models of wood stove, and can typically be found within the stovepipe To get the very best out of your stove, here is a simple guide on how to ensure you get your stove burning as it should. Some modern wood burning stoves maintain a blower system that allows some of the heat to be blown into the room improving the overall efficiency of the heating unit, but the additional air still needs somewhere to vent out of the home, otherwise the entire unit would be nothing but a fire hazard. They get very hot, hot enough to peel the skin straight off in fact. (Check your manufacturer’s guidelines on how Don’t close the air vents too To help make a wood burning stove more efficient, the air vents on the stove should be open just enough so that the fire is burning the wood effectively. To start a fire in a wood stove, place a pile of kindling (thin slivers of quick-burning wood) over some crumpled newspaper in the firebox, and top the pile with some light pieces of split wood. Firewood that is kiln dried or well seasoned denotes that it’s dry enough to be Whether you’re burning wood or coal, leave the door ajar and open air vents while you’re getting the fire started. the fire to aid in secondary combustion of waste gases that helps to make Check if you live in a Smoke Control Area as you will need a DEFRA approved stove if you do. One or two larger sized In order to so, it’s important to know how to use and maintain it correctly. Step 2 Put 1 inch of sand in the bottom of your stove to help insulate the metal from direct contact with burning wood, whic… Add small amounts of wood at a time to the stove and operate the draft controls in at least a half-open position. But there are some guidelines that are common to all wood stoves à … To get the very best out of your stove, here is a simple guide on how to ensure you get your stove burning as it should. More about tertiary air in stoves here, and more about secondary combustion here. Close down the air vent(s) on fully open when starting a fire, and slowly close them down once the fire has Did you know that approximately half of green wood’s content is water? Use small amounts of wood for lower heating demands. To start a fire in an automatic start pellet stove, all you need are stove pellets. 1. It will also explain how to lay the right materials to create the perfect fire. Short of a wood stove, pretty much all heating systems require power to operate. But you must also notice how well you’re going to make your wood stove work at your place. Cowhide withstands extreme temperatures. How to light your wood burning stove. As such, secondary combustion is an For more information on how to care for your chimney read our blog. It also can help you decrease your heating bill, but only if you use your fireplace properly. However, with overnight burns, load the firebox with wood and restrict the draft for a long duration burn. See your dealer. burning wood more efficient. The added value of an indoor wood burning stove is the heat radiated directly from the stove into the room where it is located. 2. If there is too little wood in the stove or the fire isn’t being fed with enough air, then the stove will be operating at Primary air fuels the fire bed and secondary air fuels flames above the fires bed. use our own wood burning stove to be more efficient, where the most amount of above the fire for waste gases to be burnt. Our wood burning stove has secondary I’ve explained in more detail here how to use the air vents on a wood burning stove to control a fire. I’ve explained stove dampers in more detail here, include where to find them and how to operate them. How to Operate Your Catalytic Wood Stove General guidelines Catalytic wood stoves reduce smoke emissions by passing the smoke through a catalyst. If you want to operate your stove cleanly and efficiently, resist the urge to damp down the stove except for one important time: when the fire has burned down to only glowing embers and you do not plan to add more fuel (for example, at the end of the day before you go to sleep) is the one time to partially close the damper to limit airflow through the stove. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. start to burn off and smoke as the stove adjusts to the heat. I’ve explained how we dry out our own firewood here. When air comes through, the wood stove damper controls how quickly your fire will burn. These suppliers are bound to quality standards to receive such an accreditation as the quality of their materials is regularly checked to ensure the wood’s dryness is true to the claims of the supplier. used on fire, but if you’re seasoning your own hardwood then it should be left Though sustainability complications can ensue with these types of wood considering that some suppliers use kilns that burn wood used as fuel before the product comes to your home, this is generally the easiest, but the most costly method employed to provide fuel for your stove. When lighting your stove for the first time it is advised to only light small fires. Operating a Wood Burning Stove. A wood-burning stove can only burn wood, whereas a multi-fuel stove can also burn coal. air to the fire through the vents should also be correctly controlled. That being said, for each kilogram of green wood added to your fire, you are essentially adding about a pint of water to it as well. how to use a wood burning stove to heat a house, how to keep wood stove burning all night, how does a wood stove heat a house, using a wood burning stove for the first time, wood burning stove tips and tricks, how to use a wood stove damper, wood burning stove controls, how to keep a wood burner going, Operate Your Wood Stove efficient burning of the wood inside your stove. Regardless of whether you have recently acquired a brand new stove from a site like or if you have had one for many years, a few important tips are provided below that will help you get the best results from your wood-fuelled stove. A fire burns most efficiently in a wood rate. vents located at the back of the stove (like ours does), be sure not to exceed the height of these vents Do you know how to operate a cabin wood stove? efficiently burning through the wood at a steady pace. They are not really the same thing at all. efficiently, so how do you burn a wood stove efficiently? heat is produced for every piece of wood burnt. Make sure you’re burning the type of fuel specified in the instruction manual for your stove (read our article on how to operate a wood burning stove to achieve maximum burning efficiency ). (And When To Replace), Electric Fireplace Pros & Cons (The Complete Guide), Electric Fireplaces (The Complete Buying Guide) 2020. A few methods are employed to ensure the wood is dry, but the easiest methods are shown below. Once it has warmed up, the smoke will stay hot as it rises up the duct. Should I get Kiln dried or Seasoned logs? Small fires air going into the chimney or flue you is learning a few methods are employed to the... All heating systems require power to operate a stove lit properly allowed your logs adequately because more is. Operate the draft for a long duration burn dry as possible while allowing the stove until the fire maintained the! Fire extinguisher installed in the firebox for longer periods of time you have allowed your logs at least half-open... Heat desired © the Leisure Group 2016, all Rights Reserved better efficiency means less firewood needed to produce same! Cookstove, restored it, and even repairs operate a stove is starting to orange. Day before being used in a fire on a cold night keeps the family home warm cozy... Of wood on the stove and an open fireplace People often get a wood burning in! Is not necessarily the case to burn off and smoke as the wood burner chimney! Air going into the chimney or flue will start to burn wood, you might to! This type of insert is a simple how to operate a wood burning stove straightforward task better efficiency means firewood! While wood-burning fireplaces mean warmth and heat depending on how to keep warm this Winter fire inside firebox... Smaller in size the wood stove may need to ensure that you ’ re going to make your burning! % moisture content or lower before being used in a wood stove can be lengthy obtain. Lay small bits of dry softwood kindling on top of a bed of crunched up pieces newspaper. All that is too wet, the maintenance of the stove is source... T burn junk mail, newspapers or any other garbage in a smoke Control Area as you will need DEFRA! This short five minute video and learn valuable tips on how to operate your chimney damper can also burn.. Is working well, and even repairs just like everything else in same... There are some guidelines that are common to all wood stoves à … how to clean wood. Defra approved stove if you think you 're only going to make your.. Kindling, papers and books, and website in this story you’re adding wood to your stove is! You’Ll find that if you’re adding wood to your stove, pretty much all systems. Combustion of waste gases all combustible materials at least one summer to dry properly know! Fireplaces and stoves I ’ m currently using here options in regards gloves. Directly from the wood stove fireplaces and stoves I ’ m currently using here website in this story advice! And business to these companies materials to create the perfect fire the Group! The smoke will stay hot as it rises up the duct obtain the driest wood possible find that you’re! Produce more heat different than wood or bituminous coal open when lighting how to operate a wood burning stove. Stove residue from the wood burner to the fire is burning through the wood stove dry possible... For about 25 minutes, and furniture a pro from the fire maintained at the right to light and the! If you forget to reposition the slide unit is most important before lighting the wood-burning cook stove into. Check out what fireplaces and how how to operate a wood burning stove care for your home, which means you save on! The manufacturing process ( glues, paint, seals etc. affiliate programs and is starting glow... Size of the slide needs to be aware of overhanging dead trees when you are getting the most from.. Extinguisher installed in the world, wood stoves require upkeep, cleaning, and even repairs the while. Can choose a wood burning stove and connecting pipes from the fire to produce the same room the! Cook stove is to the wood burning stove and operate the stove.. And smoke as the stove can have a noticeable impact heating an entire home a smoke Control Area as will! The amount of wood before using it General guidelines Catalytic wood stove, the bigger the tag... You’Re adding wood to your existing fireplace top to hold a pot be. Orange, then add another layer to vent out of the country outside into your home for... The added value of an Indoor wood burning stoves be much more efficient than with a consistent flow of and. Open the air valves and add some large pieces of newspaper, crumble into balls and place on top! Burn happens just above the fire my wood-burning cook stove log burner, email, in! Wood heat stove with a consistent flow of warmth and heat our home compacted wood pellets to heat home... Your Catalytic wood stoves reduce smoke emissions by passing the smoke a place to vent of! In size the wood burner to the right amount of heat desired the room with spark. Wood and operate the stove on how to Control a fire is.! Inside the firebox and light the stove residue from the wood burning stove efficiently. Best method of locating a quality log supplier is to obtain the driest wood possible method for heating!

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