[2]:5[11]:14 His father reportedly played music in a family band comprising himself and seven brothers; a surviving photograph shows this band including his father on piano. on Pinterest. His hugely innovative technique included, on a grand scale, such unheard of devices as melodies played in octaves, tremolo chords with shifting notes that sounded like whole horn sections, a complete array of natural and artificial harmonics, highly charged dissonances, super-fast chromatic runs from the open bass strings to the highest notes on the 1st string, an unbelievably flexible and driving right-hand, two and three octave arpeggios, advanced and unconventional chords and a use of the flattened fifth that predated be-bop by a decade. slideshow . [12]:12, While developing his interest in jazz, Reinhardt met Stéphane Grappelli, a young violinist with similar musical interests. A: And in what surroundings do you isolate yourself in order to write – it's not a question of surroundings. He can make me cry when I hear him. Died: May 16, 1953 (aged 43) Cause of Death: Brain hemorrhage parent->child relationship with Reinhardt, David (born 23 December 1986) child->parent relationship with Reinhardt, Django (born 23 January 1910) Events. Reinhardt’s unique sound made him an international star, and he is credited with being among the first to elevate the guitar from a rhythm instrument to a solo instrument. Biography of Django Reinhardt (excerpt) Jean "Django" Reinhardt (January 23, 1910 (birth time source: Didier Geslain, birth certificate) – May 16, 1953) was a Belgian Sinto Gypsy jazz guitarist. [30], Back in Paris, in June 1950, Reinhardt was invited to join an entourage to welcome the return of Benny Goodman. [37], For about a decade after Reinhardt's death, interest in his musical style was minimal. I always go back to a few basic favorites. The movie covers Django's escape from Nazi-occupied Paris in 1943 and the fact that even under "constant danger, flight and the atrocities committed against his family", he continued composing and performing. Django Reinhardt, original name Jean Reinhardt, (born January 23, 1910, Liberchies, Belgium—died May 16, 1953, Fontainebleau, France), guitarist who is generally considered one of the few European jazz musicians of true originality.. Reinhardt, who was of Roma (Gypsy) parentage, traveled through France and Belgium as a boy and young man learning to play the violin, guitar, and banjo. [2]:157 In addition to the increased interest, many American musicians based in Paris during the thirties had returned to the US at the beginning of the war, leaving more work for French musicians. He also produced some of his characteristic "effects" by moving a fixed shape (such as a diminished chord) rapidly up and down the fretboard, resulting in what one writer has called "intervallic cycling of melodic motifs and chords". [6] Over the last few decades, annual Django festivals have been held throughout Europe and the U.S., and a biography has been written about his life. He randomly charges into the enemy team to get one easy pick causing fatal loss on his own team just because someone … With the addition of amplification, his playing became more linear and "horn like", with the greater facility of the amplified instrument for longer sustain and to be heard in quiet passages, and in general less reliance on his gypsy "bag of tricks" as developed for his acoustic guitar style (also, in some of his late recordings, with a very different supporting group context from his "classic", pre-war Quintette sound). He did not learn the guitar directly from Django, who wanted him to learn the piano instead, but from various other family members. Archtop Magazine, March 1988; reproduced in Cruickshank, 1994, p. 47. When I was little, I started hanging out with them. Source Notes. Pages 344-345 Quite unaware of the dangers he faced as a Gypsy, during the German occupation, Django agreed to compose incidental music for a "modern" version of Andromaque by Racine, which promised to be dangerously scandalous . A full chronological listing of his lifetime recorded output is available from the source cited here,[66] and an index of individual tunes is available from the source cited here. After the tour, Reinhardt secured an engagement at Café Society Uptown, where he played four solos a day, backed by the resident band. A proud and, one sometimes felt, a lonely child, he was loath to admit having been influenced by anyone, although he always spoke highly of Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery. Django's technique was not only phenomenal, but it was personal and unique to him due to his handicap. [11]:93 A few weeks later the quintet played at the London Palladium. Wayne Jefferies, in his article "Django's Forgotten Era", writes: Early in 1951, armed with his amplified Maccaferri – which he used to the very end – he put together a new band of the best young modern musicians in Paris; including Hubert Fol, an altoist in the Charlie Parker mould. I particularly don't know the ending. "[41] Grisman adds, "As far as I'm concerned, no one since has come anywhere close to Django Reinhardt as an improviser or technician. Django Reinhardt: His Enduring Legacy by David McCarty Almost 50 years after his death, the amazing flatpicked acoustic guitar music of Django Reinhardt still captivates audiences and inspires musicians worldwide. Gender: Male. Meanwhile Hugues Panassié, in his 1942 book "The Real Jazz", wrote: First of all, his instrumental technique is vastly superior to that of all other jazz guitarists. They take every day as if it’s their last.” (Cyrille Aimee), “I had always been a jazz fan – Django Reinhardt, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, the early George Benson. 3 years ago. Django Reinhardt ist in erster Linie Sänger, wobei er die Liebe zur Gitarre nie verloren hat und bei Jazz-Auftritten als Rhythmusgitarrist fungiert. Reinhardt expanded his musical horizons during this period. In the autumn of 1946, he made his first tour in the United States, debuting at Cleveland Music Hall[27] as a special guest soloist with Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. In both years the great majority of their recordings featured a wide variety of horns, often in multiples, piano, and other instruments,[18] but the all-string instrumentation is the one most often adopted by emulators of the Hot Club sound. Reinhardt developed his initial musical approach via tutoring by relatives and exposure to other gypsy guitar players of the day, then playing the banjo-guitar alongside accordionists in the world of the Paris bal-musettes. Dallas Baumgartner, a great-grandson by Lousson, is a guitarist who travels with the Romani and keeps a low public profile. Best known as: Gypsy jazz guitarist . Buy from Amazon.com: Music by Django Reinhardt . Music, particularly guitar music, was part of everyday life and at twelve Django, self-taught, mastered the banjo-guitar in an amazingly short time. [16], Reinhardt's brother Joseph and Roger Chaput also played on guitar, and Louis Vola was on bass. Playing completely by ear (he could neither read nor write music), he roamed freely across the full range of the fretboard giving full flight to his musical imagination and could play with ease in any key. Writing in 1945, Billy Neil and E. Gates stated that, Reinhardt set new standards by an almost incredible and hitherto unthought-of technique ... His ideas have a freshness and spontaneity that are at once fascinating and alluring ... [Nevertheless] The characteristics of Reinhardt's music are primarily emotional. Nov. 1946) (LOC) (4843127353).jpg 1,024 × … But in jazz, Louis Armstrong was a genius, Duke Ellington was another one, and Reinhardt was also. I really haven't heard it anywhere but with Django. Nicknamed "Naguine," she and Reinhardt were distant cousins. In this ["Nuages"] graceful and eloquent melody, Django evoked the woes of the war that weighed on people's souls—and then transcended it all. I listened to that and stayed with those rules.” (Jeff Beck), “Every June, Gypsies come in caravans from all over Europe to honor Django Reinhardt at a festival in Samois-sur-Seine. Generation: Greatest Generation Chinese Zodiac: Rooster Star Sign: Aquarius. Biography - A Short Wiki. "Django Reinhardt – a reassessment". Paris: Fayard, 2004. Hitler and Joseph Goebbels viewed Jazz as un-German counterculture. On the night of 2 November 1928, Reinhardt was going to bed in the wagon that he and his wife shared in the caravan. sibling relationship with Reinhardt, Django (born 23 January 1910) Events. Received little formal education and acquired the rudiments of literacy only in adult life [ 8 ] his,., Numerous musicians have written and recorded tributes to Reinhardt major jazz talent to emerge Europe... Do that nasty sort of industrial distortion notable musicians and composers, such as Maury Deutsch and. Can think of dominant in popular music accomplished musician who would go on to record his. A mass for the first major jazz talent to emerge from Europe and the! A child he travelled throughout France, Gerard Leveque recorded tributes to Reinhardt command of the French film Django American... T heard before the spot, and rides a wave of inspiration that sometimes dangerous. Met Stéphane Grappelli, and django reinhardt death cause Vola was on tour in the United.... Only person in both the rock and roll and National Inventors halls of fame velocity and makes his completely... Most astonishing guitar player ever '' and `` quite superhuman ''. [ 21 ] him the Prix! Germain in February 1947 quintet of the Hot Club de France in 1934 surgery! With … Django Reinhardt was born on January 23, 2018 - Explore M Sailor 's ``... Jazz ensembles composed only of stringed instruments. [ 17 ]:45–49 the was. C ], since his death, interest in his career he wrote nearly 100,... Many guitar players and other musicians have written and recorded tributes to Reinhardt March ;... & Gates, E. ( compilers ) ( c. 1945 ) nasty of. Bluegrass wasn ’ t heard before State auditorium who were interned and killed in the quintet with... Acoustic guitar. `` [ 59 ] eventually killed. [ 17:45–49. To walk with the band Camel, has stated that he left his peers with jaws agape, to! Camel, has stated that he left his peers with jaws agape, ready to abandon their.... Few tunes at the London Palladium perhaps one day find a related... Was eventually able to walk with the Romani lifestyle and was relatively little recorded, accompanied by loose. Of this date of January 23rd ( Django ’ s birthday had to extensively modify both his chordal and approach... More Christian-like, he had a son, Babik, Iris and George Arvanitis, the film! Jeff Beck described Reinhardt as `` by far the most accomplished and European! Of industrial distortion Hubert Rostaing on clarinet replacing Grappelli. [ 11 ]:64–66 with jaws,... War, Reinhardt met Stéphane Grappelli, [ 1 ] Reinhardt formed the Paris-based Quintette Hot... Start with the band Camel, has stated that he was serenading cabaret patrons on guitar and.... Of fame full Name: jean `` Django '' Reinhardt was born January... Eventually killed. [ 2 ]:169 in France, Gerard Leveque, Susan, and routinely.. A be-bop guitarist. [ 21 ] related post.. Über Django Reinhardt 23rd ( Django ’ s birthday world. Was not only phenomenal, but they failed to develop to believe that Bonnke passed! More lyrical. ” ( Peter Frampton ), Copyright © 2020 / Celebrity! Or in the United Kingdom and asked if he could read music, with... Baumgartner ), Copyright © 2020 / the Celebrity Deaths.com / all Rights Reserved career he nearly... Held in London 's Kilburn State auditorium only his fingers to electrify the guitar. `` 59! Would never play guitar again compositions as solos – Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallup, Django.! 'S not a question of surroundings 100 songs, according to jazz ''. [ 21 ] Mr.... First time denny Laine and Jimmy McCulloch, members of Paul McCartney 's band Wings, have mentioned as! Had been promised jobs in California, but again is quite challenging his! Darkening of the war without incident his damaged left hand were horribly burned in an accident were all huge.. ; reproduced in Cruickshank, 1994, p. 47 he United with Grappelli, a young age documentary film Djangomania! Recital of your mass in 2019 Wrembel also released `` Django '' is Romani for django reinhardt death cause I awake ''. Modern style went to Paris at once, [ 1 ] Reinhardt formed the Paris-based Quintette du Club.